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How to Deal with a Cracked Phone Screen? Guidelines by Cell Phone Repair Shop

The most common type of damage to a cell phone is screen damage. It can be costly to replace the screen, so we want to show you how to fix a cracked smartphone screen on a budget. If you have the money, you may not need to trouble yourself because you can get it replaced by a cell phone repair shop.

What do you do if the screen of your cellphone is cracked?

First, gently place the smartphone on a flat surface and do not move it until you know the type of damage. Is it a slight scratch, a small crack, or a big smash with shattered screen glass? After you’ve completed this, you can try some of the actions listed below.

Some tips for repairing a cracked phone screen

If you have a broken phone screen, it should be replaced or fixed; however, if you do not have the money to do so, you can do many different things to keep your phone operational.

Apply a screen protector.

When we discuss how to fix a cracked phone screen, you’re undoubtedly asking what a screen protector is intended to do. After all, it was designed to keep the damage from happening in the first place.

If you have cracks and scratches on your screen, you can use a screen protector to keep the damage from worsening while still allowing you to use your Android or iPhone for repair in Virginia. Acquiring a screen protector is pointless if some glass chips and shards are loose or missing. Replace the shattered screen immediately. A screen protector is much cheaper than a new phone screen, so choosing this alternative may save you money.

Use of Baking Soda 

This method is only appropriate for severely damaged screens. Depending on how you apply this procedure to repair a broken cell phone screen, you may need to prepare a paste of two parts baking soda and one part water. It will result in a thick paste. Please pick it up with a cloth and gently wipe it across the screen. Doing this carefully and correctly should temporarily cure the problem until you have enough time to switch screens.

Use Toothpaste 

You may have heard that toothpaste is used to fix cracked phone screens and are curious whether this is real. If you have tiny markings or scratches around the borders of your screen, toothpaste can help you lessen the visible degree of screen damage.

Some people believe that sliding a cotton swab, a little piece of toothpaste, and moist fingertips on the screen is one of the low-cost ways to fix a cracked screen. However, this is referred to as a temporary repair. Check that it will not become stuck in the device’s headphone jack, buttons, or other ports or apertures.

Vegetable oil

Oil functions similarly to Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly product. It does not repair the damaged screen but makes it less visible. And it can only be used for little cracks, not massive screen damage, with glass shards flying everywhere.

  •  Wipe down the screen with a clean towel. 
  • Wrap a clean fiber cloth over your index finger, dab a little oil on it, and rub over the scratch. 
  • It will fill the crack and make it less noticeable, but you may have to do it many times until you change the screen.

Contact a Cell Phone Repair Shop

 Whatever brand you use, there is official customer service for repairing and replacing your equipment, regardless of whether it is still under warranty. It would help if you found them since they are factory-trained professionals from a cell phone repair shop who knows how to repair your phone’s screen better than anybody else. It is not a game of trial and error for these specialists. It entails grasping the chance and carrying it out well.


Can you repair a broken phone screen on your own?

It is not recommended that you repair a cracked phone screen yourself because you may harm other parts if you are not careful. Furthermore, any attempt to fix it on your own may void the phone’s warranty and incur additional costs when it is eventually repaired. The methods suggested above are simple home remedies that just conceal the crack.

Should we repair or replace a broken phone screen?

The extent of the damage determines it. If the crack does not extend beyond the screen protector and the touch screen still functions properly, there is no need to replace the screen. Simply replace the tempered glass or screen protector. However, if the screen has been severely damaged, replacing a cracked phone screen with a new one is preferable.

How much does it cost to replace a cellphone screen?

If you have a little scratch on your phone screen or are on a tight budget, you can use any of the previously listed solutions to reduce the damage. However, you are strongly advised to replace the broken screen from a cell phone repair shop as soon as possible. This time, acquire a screen guard and put it on your screen. It will save you some sorrow as well as money in your wallet.

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