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Phone Not Charging? Here’s What To Do – According to Mobile Repair Shops

The day has been long and hectic. When you finally plug in your virtually dead cell phone at home, you discover that it is no longer charging! Although it’s common to have some early panic, hold onto hope. In this blog, we have compiled a list of easy tips by mobile repair shop repair experts. You can attempt the following easy fixes if your phone isn’t charging. 

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Experts From Columbia’s Mobile Repair Shop Suggest Tips to Fix a Damaged Charging Port

How can we determine that there is something wrong with the charging port? The problem may be with the wall adapter or the power cable. So, first, check everything for potential damage!

Check Your Charging Cable For Damage

Many things could prevent a cellphone from charging, but one of the most important things to check is the cable, especially if you’ve owned the accessory for a while, perhaps since you purchased the cellphone. Our wires endure a great deal of suffering. They accompany you to many locations, not to add that we frequently trip or fall over them, they often tangle, and we carelessly throw them in our bags. 

Look closely at your charging cord to check for any obvious signs of damage. Any breaks, bends, rips, or other types of damage will be a reasonable justification for wires not working properly. Check whether it functions by charging another smartphone with it as well. If it does, the cell phone itself might be at fault. You can also test a different cord to see if it can power your cell phone.

What About the Wall Adapter?

Naturally, the wall charger is extremely significant to the cord. Don’t hesitate to put it to the test. Check it for damage. Look for damages like cracked or twisted outlets. To see whether this is the issue, try using it on other phones and replacing it with a different brick.

Now Examine the Charging Port

The moment has come to start looking at your cell phone. Check if your cord and charger connect with other phones. The charging port is often the culprit. To begin with, check if there is any dust or dirt in the port. Your charging will be hampered by something as simple as a filthy port. You could use a brush or pressurized air to clean the charging port.

Have you recently observed that the port feels loose? Overuse can cause ports to wear out. There may also be corrosion indicators there. Unfortunately, your only options are buying a new phone or replacing the charging port at a mobile repair shop.

Try Using a Wireless Charger

Given that you own a wireless charger and your smartphone allows wireless charging, this is a simple approach to determine whether the issue is with the phone or its accessories. Try using a wireless charger to recharge your cell phone. This also serves as a band-aid while you identify the issue and find a repair, keeping your phone operational. If your cell phone doesn’t charge, you might be dealing with a more serious battery problem.

Switch to a Different Power Outlet

Check if it works by plugging something else into the same outlet you’re using to charge your cell phone. Sometimes sockets malfunction, or there can be an electrical issue in a certain area of your house. Furthermore, some power sources can be insufficient. Try different outlets in the house if you encounter problems with your outlet.

It’s possible that those attempting to charge their smartphones over a USB port on a pc or power strip aren’t getting adequate electricity. Try switching to a standard outlet to see if that solves your charging problems.

Try switching to a standard outlet to see if that solves your charging problems.

Restart Your Cell Phone

This is a miracle fix for all things technological, and it usually works. Occasionally, a basic restart will put all the pieces of your cell phone in place and get it functioning properly. Your cell phone battery might charge more efficiently if you turn it off altogether. Closing any background activities or excessive usage can impact the charging performance. All resources will be freed up when you turn off your device, allowing it to concentrate exclusively on charging. Hold down the Power button while tapping the Restart button. 

If you still have issues charging your device, there might be a severe hardware issue. Take your phone to a locally renowned mobile repair shop in Columbia, SC, like Midland PCS. Their repair professionals will fix all your phone issues in a flash!


How much does a charging port repair cost?

According to sources, a standard charging port fix could cost around $50-$90.

What are the signs of charging port damage?

Some common signs are:

  • Debris and dust in the port.
  • Broken or bent pins.
  • Adapter and cord work with other devices.
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