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12 Seasonal Closing Tips by an Atlanta Pool Builder

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Although winter has many advantages, including reducing calories, fighting off infections, boosting the brain and heart functioning improves, and you get a good night’s sleep. But swimming in the cold water in the winter has the following disadvantages explained by Atlanta pool builder;

1.       An increased threat of hypothermia.

2.       Cold incapacitation causes the body to lose heat, loss of muscular power, and limbs to become slower and heavier.

3.       Deceased manual dexterity.

4.       Cramps

5.       Asthma

6.       Coldwater allergy.

7.       You feel colder after coming out of the water.

These are some reasons you should hire a seasonal swimming pool closing service to keep everyone safe.

Ann Atlanta Pool Builder Suggesting Seasonal Closing Tips

Several swimming pool builders provide other services, including repairs, inspection, cleaning, opening, and seasonal closing services. They will provide the best closing services, but clients should also know tips for preparation for the swimming pool closing.

Cleaning Debris from the Swimming Pool

Covering the swimming pool without cleaning the debris is fine because the opening service will clean it up. This will damage the swimming pool interior. However, pool companies in Atlanta are sometimes unavailable, so homeowners must be cleared of dead animals, insects, leaves, and twigs to avoid further harm.

Regulating the Chemical Level

The most important phase in chemical level change is to check the amount of amount possesses to be added. The concentration of chemicals in the water can be determined using the testing strips. You can show the outcome to the pool cleaning staff, and they will determine how much chemical should be added.

Cleaning the Swimming Pool Interior

Many homeowners think covering the swimming pool is fine during the winter without cleaning it. But they should understand that this is dangerous because moss, pollen, and algae will damage the interior walls, steps, and liner.

Inspection of Structural Damage

The reason for structural damage inspection is that water could seep through the cracks and holes when the swimming pool is covered. Homeowners can hire professional pool builders for a proper damage inspection.

Take Down All Accessories

The swimming pool accessories and features that must be taken down and stored include the ladder, diving boards, and handrails. These accessories should be removed carefully so the pool can be appropriately covered and structural damages can be avoided.

Do Not Fill Water to the Brim

Maintaining the appropriate water level is important because some people might mislead you into thinking that you should take out all water before closing it. On other occasions, individuals might suggest filling the swimming pool. Both these situations are dangerous for the structure. Ask professional pool builders like Sandal Luxury Pools about the quantity of water.

Know when to Use the Antifreeze Agents

The swimming pool lines must be treated with the antifreeze agent because they won’t break when the water freezes. An effective antifreeze agent will work best when temperatures are below fifty degrees.

Clean Filters and Run the Pump Before Covering

The first step is to clean the pump and filter by removing them and cleaning them with a brush. You might be suggested to store them safely. This step can be completed after running the pump for six to eight hours. All debris will gather in the skimmer basket, and you can easily remove it.

Choose the Appropriate Swimming Pool Cover

It is important to select the right swimming pool cover size to fit the structure properly. You should choose one size bigger. You can use hooks to fasten the edges of the cover so that it weighs down.

Carefully Store the Equipment and Tools

The cleaning tools and equipment must be stored separately so the equipment won’t be damaged during a chemical leak. The chemicals can be on the floor, and the equipment can be on shelves.

An Atlanta pool builder will offer these seasonal closing tips for homeowners to keep in mind.

The swimming pool closing service can be further explained by answering the three questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to leave a concrete pool empty?

Leaving the concrete swimming pool empty for a long time can cause internal hydrostatic pressure. The structure will push upwards and could disfigure. So, an Atlanta pool builder will suggest keeping the pool full.

What happens if you don’t close your pool in the winter?

Unable to close the swimming pool during the winter might cause algae development that will turn the water green. Another thing that will happen is that the water will freeze and create cracks in the interior.

What is included in a pool closing?

The swimming pool seasonal closing service will include the following steps;

1.       A comprehensive inspection of damages.

2.       Removal of swimming pool accessories.

3.       Cleaning the pool parts, including the pump, filter, pipes, and skimmer.

4.       Checking and adding different chemicals.

5.       Covering the swimming pool structure properly.

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