How To Turn Traffic Into Revenue With Professional SEO Services?

How To Turn Traffic Into Revenue With Professional SEO Services?

Every successful online marketer will tell you that the moment they made a sale was the best because a successful transaction demonstrates that their efforts were worthwhile. The typical organic search conversion rate is 3.7%. It’s not easy to turn visitors into buyers, especially in an organic way. The going may seem slow and tedious, but you must persevere. When you need assistance, an SEO Gold Coast service can be of great assistance. When updating your website, it helps to have a strategy in place. Here’s a proven, six-step method to get you the desired outcomes.

The Five-Stage Plan to Convert Traffic to Sales

1.     A Redesign of the Website

A drastic redesign may be needed if your website isn’t generating the desired traffic or keeping existing users around. Your website, particularly your homepage, must convince visitors that they should stick around. That’s the beginning of the path to salvation.

To do this, you must first identify the problems plaguing your website; at this point, it may be helpful to seek the advice of an experienced SEO Gold Coast firm. Each page of your website should ideally be optimized for search engines. Therefore, the scope of the redesign will be determined by the current state of your website. To improve your search engine rankings, you should:

·       Revamp your content to better cater to user intent while searching.

·       Modify the positioning of the products, the typeface, and the overall colour scheme. The aesthetics of your website are pretty important. Increased conversion rates of up to 86% have been seen when videos and other visually appealing content are used on the landing page.

·       Streamline your website so that it is easy to get around.

·       Get rid of any external links on your landing pages. Use them exclusively on your blog.

·       Include a “Testimonials” section. Doing so will lend credibility to your product or service. The content provided by the users themselves has the highest level of credibility. Consequently, your site would benefit from a testimonial area.

Doing so will increase the likelihood that qualified visitors will land on your website. This does not conclude there.

2.     Building a Secure Website

To ponder. Do you think using your credit card on a questionable website is safe? That’s why neither will your consumers. Gain your consumers’ trust by doing good for them. HTTPS hosting is the foundation of every website’s security. The vast majority of online visitors install security add-ons to their browsers. Only one-third as many people as utilize VPNs.

Therefore, buyers can’t view your offerings if your website isn’t protected. The importance of social media platforms cannot be overstated. In addition to establishing your company as legitimate, having a social media presence does the same. Customers are double-checking follower counts and bot activity. For this reason, marketing strategies must use social media.

3.     Point Site-Visitors in the Right Direction

Let’s pretend you run a home goods shop, and a customer comes in looking to buy some candles. Get the correct page, the one regarding candles, to the top of the organic search results. You should put bids for candles on the site where customers can buy candles if you are running advertisements. Customers aren’t happy when they see a thing advertised but have to dig around on your site to purchase it. We can expect a drop in advertising revenue as a result of this.

There is a common belief that raising brand awareness may be achieved by sending all visitors straight to the homepage. However, this will only aggravate the company’s clientele. The importance of having search engine-optimized landing pages is further reinforced.

4.     Sliders, pop-ups, and floating bars

According to Google, your site will be penalized if its users cannot access its content without going through a series of frustrating hoops. More so on mobile devices. However, this does not rule out the possibility of pop-ups. Here are some methods for incorporating interstitials into your website without incurring any penalty.

Be sure to stagger when your pop-ups display so that they don’t overwhelm the user right after they click a link.

Have pop-ups appear for users who have arrived at your site via means other than a Google search.

Interstitials can be either page-to-page or appear when the user is about to leave the current page.

Keep in mind that all of this refers to your mobile website. Pop-ups are still allowed on desktop websites.

5.     Product Recommendations

If you have an online store, you must need this. It’s safe to assume that a buyer has severe intentions of purchasing once they’ve reached the product page. Most buyers will purchase if you make a simple choice. So, to further entice them, showcase things that are likely to appeal to them. The buyer’s enthusiasm will increase as a result of this.

The Last Words

Websites that have been optimized for visibility tend to receive more visitors. Sites that receive lots of visits are more likely to make money. If you prioritize search engine optimization, everything else will work out.

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