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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Decorating A Cake!

Cakes are those happy pills that make our special time sweeten and add more fun memories with our loved ones. There is no single occasion that we celebrate without cakes! As cake symbolizes happiness and love, they are the primary element that is always on top while we celebrate our happy times.

There are many online and offline shops where we order desired cakes or someone; we love to bake cakes for our dear ones with all our love. Baking a cake is an art that not everyone is perfect at. We must remember many things while baking and decorating a cake.

Some of us know how important it is to get the perfect cake, and some don’t. To get the perfect cake for your celebrations, you need to know about the right things and the mistakes you must avoid.

Today, we’ll look at five mistakes you want to avoid before decorating your cake. Remember to stay with us because we will share a bonus mistake later in the article. If you’re unaware of these mistakes and want to learn the basics of decorating amazing cakes and cupcakes, read this article completely.

If you want to bake a birthday cake for your loved ones, you need to know what you should do or shouldn’t. So, have a look at our first mistake.

Allowing your cakes to cool in the pan. Without getting into it, you should know there is a lot of science behind it. If you leave your cakes to cool in the pan, chances are you will not be able to remove your cake from the pan, so don’t do it.

Leaving the dome on your cake. When the cake is removed from the dome, is known as leveling. This is can be done with the help of a serrated bread knife or a leveler tool. To get more tips about this, you may go through some tutorials. You want to adjust the height to level your cake with a small leveler such as this.

Once you have that figured out, you are going to hold the leveler or upright and slice through the dome. Once it’s cut all the way through, you can see that the dome of the cake lifts off very easily and reveals a nice surface to the of your cake.

When filling your cake, forget to pipe the barrier. Now, if you put a layer of cake on top of it, your filling will only spread out from the edge, so make sure you pipe a little inward from the edge, not the edge, before centering your filling.

The next mistake is icing the sides of your cake in long horizontal strokes. Now, this is a mistake that we have seen quite often on social media. To get the best results when icing the sides of your cake, you want to hold your spatula vertically, and instead of trying to ice the entire side at once, you want to work in two to three-inch sections as you go around the side of your cake.

Skipping the crumb coat.

A crumb coat is a thin layer of icing. Meant to encapsulate any crumbs that may have fallen off your cake from the initial icing process.

You may skip the crumb coat when working with darker-colored cake. Because the crumbs are very dark in color, these are – truffle cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, and strawberry cake. And it can be hard to cover, especially if you are using lighter-colored icing.

So remember that extra mistake we mentioned earlier? We’re going at that now.

The last and sixth mistake is icing your cake with the icing way too thick. Doing so will tear your cake apart. When you ice your cake, your icing should be thin and have a whippy texture but never watery.

So these are the six mistakes we should avoid before starting decorating the cake. We hope this article will help you from the mistakes you’ve made in the past. If you liked this article, let us know through comments, and we will come back with more new topics you would like to read. Also, don’t forget to order or bake cakes for your loved ones with all your love.

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