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Environmental pollution is a worldwide concern. Because every day we produce the amount of plastic waste, nylon … hard to count. Using eco-friendly products is a great alternative. So what items can you start within everyday life? Pocket the list of lists right below!

A. What is an environmentally friendly product?

According to statistics, every year, 2.5-4 billion tons of waste are dumped on Earth. Experts predict that by 2050, people will be flooded with 13 billion tons of plastic waste.

To overcome this situation, many organizations have called on people to change the habit of limiting single-use plastics. Instead, use environmentally friendly products.

You’ve heard these calls and want to take action. But have you ever wondered what is a good product for the environment? And here are 4 criteria for you to recognize easily:

First, can be reused many times. Using reusable products will contribute to reducing waste released into the environment. Thereby, contributing to preventing pollution and saving costs in waste treatment.

Second, easy to decompose. Environmentally friendly products must decompose quickly, creating organic substances that help regenerate and improve soil quality. For example, paper straws only take about 2-3 months to decompose without harming the soil and natural ecosystem.

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Third, made from materials that are less harmful to nature. This means that the production process must use fewer resources. For example, utensils made from bamboo – a plant with strong vitality, grows on its own, do not need to fertilize, use fewer resources.

Fourth, not harmful to health. Products do not contain toxic substances, chemicals harmful to health and ecosystems (polluting water, soil, air…). And especially, can be easily recycled.

  • So now there are items that meet the above 4 criteria! If you do not know, Check the list below and get some tips for shopping eco-friendly!

B. Synthesis of environmentally friendly products

Items made from fabric, wood, bamboo, recycled plastic, stainless steel, etc. are safe and friendly products. You can note these items on the list of items to contribute to protecting the living environment right now. Typically as:

1. Cloth bag

Cloth bags made from natural materials are safe, clean, and beautiful. Currently, the product is designed with a variety of designs and colors. You can use it for many different purposes such as going out, going to school, going to work… Even used as a shopping bag, for food and food.

2. Bamboo basket

The baskets are woven from bamboo and cork is also friendly products. They are easily decomposed and do not harm the soil. At the same time increases income for knitters.

3. Bamboo brush

In fact, toothbrushes made from plastic and nylon fibers take tens, even hundreds of years to decompose. This is also the cause of environmental pollution.

Toothbrushes made from bamboo appear to be a great alternative. The product has a body made from bamboo, bristles made from biodegradable fibers, and a box made from recycled paper. All are environmentally friendly.

4. Biodegradable garbage bags

This is a bag made from microplastics (accounting for about 40 – 50%) combined with other ingredients such as degradable additives. Or there are some natural ingredients such as corn flour, tapioca flour, wheat flour … do not affect the health of users. The bag is resistant to leakage of dirt during transportation.

5. Bamboo straws

Milk tea, coffee, and many other drinks are on the throne. When trading these drinks, the attached straw is indispensable. However, the use of single-use plastic straws causes many negative effects on health and the environment.

Therefore, bamboo straws are one of the most favored eco-friendly products.

6. Bagasse box

Bagasse boxes are used to store rice, fast food, etc., which are great substitutes for foam plastic boxes. The main raw material is bagasse, which is biodegradable. When exposed to hot food, they do not produce potentially carcinogenic substances like plastic containers.

7. Paper cups

The cups are made entirely from pure pulp, produced in sustainable forestry areas. Or coated with natural and renewable cornstarch (PLA), they decompose completely in a hydrolysis medium from 12 weeks to 3 months.

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It can be said that paper cups and paper bowls are good environmental protection products, replacing disposable plastic cups and bowls.

8. Stainless steel tea strainer

The habit of using tea bags, even though small, in the long run, is harmful to the environment. Because these tea bags are very difficult to decompose in the environment.

Therefore, using bagless tea combined with a stainless steel tea filter can both “live green” and save money for you. Because this tea filter can be reused for a long time.

9. Loofah dishwashing pads

Instead of using regular sponges, why not try changing to loofah. Cheap and easy to find, the price is not high, but the use is far superior. Loofah dishwashing pads are light and have the ability to foam to clean stains.

10. Loofah bath cotton

Similar to dishwashing pads, loofahs are also made into personal hygiene bath sponges. The product has both exfoliating effects and is good for blood circulation.

However, because the ingredients are completely natural. You need to dry immediately after use to kill bacteria and should not be used beyond the specified time limit!

Shopping online is also a great way to protect our environment. We don’t need to go to the brick and brick-and-mortar stores while we completely can be sitting down on your sofa and with a few clicks. You can buy these products, saving time and money, decrease traffics jams, and more benefits from it. 

Furthermore, you can find many websites and online stores providing coupons and discounts to engage people to use eco-friendly products such as This will be beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

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