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Reparability of New Smartphone


Smartphones make human life easy. It is a computing device that combines a mobile phone and computer in one Unit. In Smart Phones, you can use the same functions or features of the phone easily. You can use anything on the phone if you don’t have a computer. Technology makes the life of people easy. Smart Phones have stronger hardware capabilities and wide software. Smartphone has a facility to take unlimited pictures with a memory card, videos, music, and gaming. It has a metal oxide conductor and supports wireless communication for example Bluetooth, Wife, and Satellite.

Reparability of New Smart Phone:

New Smartphones are advanced but the problem is their reparability which is a big issue. Reparability is associated with the longevity of the smartphone. Even in Europe the USA and China were replaced within 24 months of purchase. We all want Our Phones easier to repair but we can see many problems in Smart Phone which are as follow: Exposure to Water, Shattered Screen, Issues with the Battery, Damaged Charging Port, and Loss of Button Functions.

Phones with reparability Issues:

Let’s discuss the Phones with different reparability issues:

Google Pixel6:

Google Pixel 6 display is removed and replaced but the battery is difficult to replace.

Google Pixel 6 Pro:

Its components are highly modular but display repair can be challenging and replacing the glued battery is tough.

iPhone 13Pro:

There is no easy way to replace the rear glass but other components are easy to repair and replace. iPhone for sale

Google Pixel 5a:

Its battery is complicated to repair and if the charging port gets affected then the full motherboard needs replacement.

Mi. 11:

The glass body of this phone is very difficult to iPhone repair and is likely to break during repairs. Even replacing the fingertip sensor, you need to remove the whole display, resulting in a broken screen.

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