Insulation and Waterproofing of Foundations

Insulation and Waterproofing of Foundations

Infiltration in the walls, flooding in the basement, rising foul odor, visible mold, crack on the facade of the building… All these signs can be the result of a non-watertight foundations sensitive to rising water through capillarity through foundation repair Utah.

The sensation of cold glass, the explosion of energy expenditure, high heating consumption, draft in a room… Insulation prevents thermal shocks and the feeling of cold but insulating materials do not stop a bulwark against rising water and cracks.

Insulation and waterproofing require two different and associated techniques to allow quality foundations

The building experts can advise you on the best practices in basement insulation and waterproofing of foundations.

The difference between foundation insulation and waterproofing

In new renovation or construction, the installation of shielding materials does not play a closing role.

For the foundations to be impermeable and prevent rising damp in the walls, a waterproof membrane, and a drainage system must be put in place. The French drain and the waterproofing prevent the rise of water by capillarity in the walls and the infiltrations through the foundation. By avoiding this, we prevent the appearance of harmful molds for the health of the inhabitants (respiratory problems, allergy, eczema on the skin, etc.).

At the same time, the placement of insulating materials in the basement is very important. But you should know that the insulators do not play a waterproof role.

The function of insulators:

  • Prevent heat loss
  • Regulate the indoor temperature
  • Avoid condensation
  • Be a bulwark against outside noise

Usually, the footing is deep enough to be protected from the cold. When this is not the case, the insulation of the latter avoids the thermal shock which leads to cracks in the foundations and the walls. This temperature difference can crack the concrete and increase the condensation on its surface and therefore its porosity.

The different waterproofing materials for foundations

Sprayed membrane, self-adhesive membrane, honeycomb membrane, what to choose to waterproof the foundations? Answer from your foundation expert below…

The honeycomb membrane

Composed of several small cells of air, this semi-rigid plastic material (polyethylene) is effective. It is a solution that reinforces the waterproofing of the foundations.

A waterproof membrane

The application of a waterproof coating in the form of a bituminous layer or a rubber coating.

This type of protection can be found in several forms:

  • Projected membrane
  • Self-adhesive membrane
  • Membrane applied manually (with a trowel)

The three solutions are recommended to guarantee good insulation and sealing of the building:

  • A waterproof membrane to protect the concrete
  • A draining honeycomb mattress to release hydrostatic pressure
  • A French drain at the level of the sole to route and drain stagnant water

Insulate the basement

Irrespective of the kind of foundation, the raw material for the building does not have enough shielding capacity to keep a cellar warm throughout the winter. The high-performance insulating material is essential for significant energy savings. There are numerous kinds of insulation products.

Spray polyurethane

This product propelled on concrete provides high protection and acts as a vapor and air barrier. It is particularly effective in precise and difficult-to-reach places.

Insulated formwork

This technique is used for new constructions. It consists of utilizing a unique formwork that has an isolating capability.

A question? Need a professional opinion? The Utah foundation repair experts answer all your requests. Our team travels quickly throughout the San Diego region to perform an accurate diagnosis of the building and a free and personalized quote.

We offer solutions adapted to your needs with the best sealing materials for durable and long-lasting construction.

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