How long does it take to get pregnant in vitro?

An IVF procedure involves fertilizing the woman’s eggs in the laboratory using the sperm from her partner or donor and later transfer to the uterus of the embryos.pregnan

IVF treatments are recommend for women with blocked fallopian tubes when assist insemination hasn’t been effective.

To take part in an best ivf center in lahore, patients must undergo hormone therapy. The hormone therapy allows women to produce more significant eggs than during a normal menstrual cycle (usually only one to two). The treatment lasts between 10 and 14 days, beginning with the menstrual cycle. When receiving this treatment, the patient must undergo a series of ultrasounds to monitor the growth rate and the number of follicles within her ovaries. They contain Oocytes. Once the follicles have reached the ideal size, egg retrieval occurs.

The process of retrieving eggs consists of getting the eggs out using an instrument via the vagina. It is controlled using an ultrasound it can take about 15 minutes and isn’t uncomfortable since it’s performed under anesthesia or sedation. Following the egg collection is completed, the patient needs to be in a secluded area for an hour; after that, she can return to her home as usual.

After the removal of eggs after the egg is fertilized. They are transferred to the IVF lab. Eggs are fertilized in two ways:


Fertilization occurs through mixing eggs with the most fertile sperm within the same environment. The process of fertilization is natural without any manipulation. This technique might not be appropriate for low-quality semen samples.


Fertilization is accomplished by inserting only one sperm into an egg’s cell. This method allows us to get high fertilization rates using low-quality semen samples that are not possible through other forms of fertilization, for example, traditional in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination.

The embryos born from them are kept inside an incubator for between 2 and 3 days it may require five days if the sources must be developed until the blastocyst stage after incubation, embryos will evaluated, and the most promising seeds will be chosen to transferred into the uterus.

The transfer of embryos is a painless and straightforward procedure that only takes a few minutes. It is done using a tiny catheter, and no anesthesia is required because it is permitted under Spanish laws, the clinic can transfer up to three embryos.

Semen Analyses


This test provides details on the microscopic and macroscopical characteristics that the sperm has this is the primary test that a man must take when a couple has difficulty conceiving to determine the most appropriate method of fertility for the pair.

The parameters that are analyzed include:

Sperm Count

Sperm motility


Semen samples’ viscosity

Sperm Vitality

Sperm Morphology

Motile Sperm number (MSC) in the wake of capacitation

The presence of leukocytes is evident in the ejaculate

The presence of antibodies against spermatozoa

Sperm DNA Fragmentation:

The analysis is conducted using a new technique that provides an estimate of the percentage of sperm that have DNA fragments.

This type of analysis is required only in certain situations for couples that had miscarriages in the past when the fertility percentage in previous cycles of fertility center lahore was meager.

If sperm DNA fragmentation is high, the chances of having a baby decrease, and the chance of miscarriage increases.

The data gathered from the analysis can help us choose the most suitable method to employ to ensure an effective pregnancy.


FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) is a cytogenetic method that can determine and identify any presence or lack of particular DNA sequences within the chromosomes. The FISH employs fluorescent probes that only connect to chromosome regions that exhibit a high degree of complementarity between sequences.

This test is only required in certain circumstances for couples with previous miscarriages when the fertility percentage in earlier fertility cycles was extremely low.

The data we gather aids us in determining the best solution in every situation.

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