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Benefits of Using Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

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Technology has evolved the shape of modern business and improved digital marketing. Above all, it has become a norm in the industry to hear about new advancements daily.

Subsequently, firms that provide custom mobile app development services like Digitrends are developing novel mobile applications each day.

So let’s discuss the latest trend in the Mobile App Development industry that is business intelligence integration.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is a type of application software that retrieves, analyzes, transforms and reports data for business intelligence.

Generally, BI software is said to read data that was previously present in records. Business Intelligence or BI plays a crucial role in smart decision-making.

As a result, more organizations are integrating BI strategy to make informed business decisions. Mobile business intelligence is proving to be a rapidly growing phenomenon in this respect.

In short, the better your business intelligence, the more likely you will succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

Business Intelligence in Mobile App Development

A news app can automatically shut down notifications when the user is working on their laptop, or switches to vibration mode. This can happen if developers integrate mobile app with business intelligence software.

Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI) is the ability to access and implement BI-related data analysis on mobile devices rather than desktop.

This results in supplying significant and dependable information to the right person at the right time.

Business intelligence combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations make more data-based decisions.

Subsequently, BI applications development has now become a huge business. Further, according to a survey by Capterra, the average cost of a single business intelligence software is $3,000 per year.

Benefits of Using Business Intelligence

Benefits of Business Intelligence

With the rapid growth of mobile commerce, there has been a move to make business intelligence mobile-friendly.

This is where business intelligent mobile app come in. Below the readers can find some benefits of BI applications development

Secure Data Collection

Data or information gathering helps businesses to store and analyze their workflows. As a result, businesses can improve their decision-making processes.

Business intelligence mobile app development helps companies to have insights at their fingertips at any time and from any location.

This can happen regardless of the device and the method used to access the information.

BI applications helps in enhancing the overall output for a businesses’ daily operations. All of these help an organization achieve their operation in less time with more efficiency.

Efficient Decision Making

With mobile app analytics, helps organizations get a clear picture of a consumer’s behavior and preferences.

As a result, businesses can understand where to focus and provide more efforts. They can add more or remove features from the app to increase engagement among users base.

For instance, if business know that users are right now searching for a particular brand of clothing, then they can instantly use that information and stock up on that brand’s apparel for timely deliveries.

Similarly, this helps users to get their desired services when it is the most needed.

Competitive Edge

BI-powered mobile apps help business stay a few steps ahead of their competitors.

Understanding the market conditions of peers helps business owners to stay responsive and flexible to customer needs and on top of their game.

With the right information at the right time, businesses can have a unique competitive edge.

Above all, this help businesses understand their loopholes, shortcomings, strengths, and weaknesses based on data and business intelligence.

Moreover, Mobile BI solution helps them to reach out to clients more often and swell their sales.

Improved Productivity 

Business intelligence can be a great productivity enhancer both for users and businesses.

Business intelligence integrated application will understand the user in a more comprehensive manner and adapt its functioning to suit that users’ unique demands.

Similarly, businesses can offer better services, offers/discounts, and offerings in lesser time, and at a price that matches the users’ expectations.

Boost Revenue 

Mobile Business Intelligence applications provide salespeople with immediate access to customer data.

This helps organizations make informed decisions when meeting with prospects and clients as well as enables them in understanding how many people are using your app to purchase products or services.

The boost in revenue is the eventual result of smart decision making, intelligent data collection, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Happy Customer 

A major advantage of having a BI mobile application is extreme customer satisfaction.

Organizations can ensure stellar customer satisfaction, on a consistent basis.

Customers can turn loyal and satisfied when they get their desired result. In return this turns revenue profitable.

Real-Time Information

With BI mobile application, organizations get real-time information about app performance and competitors.

This data can detect changes in the user behavior and app optimization.

For instance, if Spotify notices that most users are uninstalling their app in a particular country, they can analyze user behavior and take appropriate action to retain them.


Using mobile just for communication is a thing of the past. Business intelligence is revolutionizing mobile usage.

With mobile usage expanding rapidly, BI has become an even more essential part of business planning.

BI in today’s world helps large and small enterprises to sustain their brand value by being data-driven. 

Businesses can even partner up with companies like Digitrends that provide mobile app development services. They can not only create powerful mobile apps, but also deploy business intelligence to ensure high ROI and the best user experience

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