Healthy Human Foods for Dogs That You Can Serve for the Holidays

Do you wish to include your furry pet during your Christmas celebrations? There are many traditional Christmas and Thanksgiving foods which are ideal to share. If you’re planning to prepare a delicious dinner for your four-legged pet, here are some healthy human food choices for dogs to fill your pet’s festive dog bowl.

Are Dogs Eat Turkey?

A Thanksgiving meal for dogs can be complete with turkey. Turkey is a fantastic source of protein and lean fats You can also offer your dog a portion of the same turkey that you’ll serve at the dinner table as it’s cooked and doesn’t have too much spice. Are Birds Mammals? 

Turkey to dogs can be a wonderful alternative to dog treats, if served in small quantities, because the mild meat doesn’t cause any negative effects on the majority of canines.

If you do decide to feed your dog a portion of your turkey, be sure to select white meat and take away large pieces of fat as well as skin. This helps keep the amount of fat in the meat low which could prevent stomach upset or more severe issues like anaphylactic pancreatitis. Make sure that your dog isn’t in possession of any bones from a turkey, also. After cooking, they have a tendency to break and splinter.

Do Dogs Eat Pumpkin

When it is cooked properly is great for dogs’ digestive systems. Veterinarians frequently recommend pumpkin to canines to alleviate constipation or aid in the formation of stool.

But, pumpkin pie isn’t a great food to your dog. Simple baked pumpkin or canned pumpkin is good enough. You can set a few pumpkins aside for making yourself a pumpkin pie or you could take a can of pure pumpkin to your furry friend.

If you’re not planning on baking in the coming year, having a treat made of pumpkin such as Grandma Lucy’s homemade pumpkin oven-baked dog treats can be a wonderful option your dog can have a taste of the holidays.

Cranberry for dogs

The cranberries can be eaten by dogs and may aid in maintaining urinary tract health. Additionally, cranberries are full of antioxidants that are healthy.

But, raw cranberries can be difficult for dogs to consume. Instead, give the dog just a tiny portion of the cranberry sauce. Because it’s rich in sugars, be sure to serve only the amount you would like, and ensure that it’s not made with an artificial sweetener called xylitol which is extremely risky for dogs.

If you’re looking to keep your pets secure, Spot Farms Turkey Meatball Recipe with cranberries can be made using cranberries as dog treat along with Charlee Bear turkey liver as well as the cranberries canine treat can be made of Cranberries, as well as other nutritious dog food options for humans.

Do Dogs Eat Green Beans

Green beans that are served without the ingredients (like salt, spices, and butter) are perfect for dogs. They’re a low-calorie, nutritious snack which is rich in iron as well as other minerals and vitamins that canines require. The high fiber content aids in filling your dog’s stomach and keeps them full, which can assist in weight loss. Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potatoes

For a sweet snack, you can offer your dog unsalted green beans, whether canned frozen, fresh or canned. If you’re looking to include green beans to your pup’s diet, you should look for an all-natural and balanced pet food such as the Purina Beyond Turkey and Green Bean Recipe canned dog food.

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