Decentralized App Development: What No One Is Talking About

One of the popular buzzwords amongst blockchain communities, which we are going to be exploring throughout this tutorial, is Decentralized Application Development (dApp). A decentralized application, or dApp, is much like any digital application that we use on our smartphones. One major difference between traditional apps and dApps is that the latter is powered by blockchain technology which is decentralized by nature.

DApps based on blockchain technology are executed over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network consisting of multiple computers or servers, instead of the traditional central server. The DApps are running on the public blockchain, which is decentralized, cryptographically secured, and open for changes within the network. In terms of the blockchain, most DApps run on Ethereum — the first blockchain that introduced smart contracts, making possible dApps.

Ethereums Blockchain Application Development is best-suited to dApps because of the Ethereums provisions of smart contract solutions. Ethereum remains a leading choice in the dApp development because of its smart contracts feature and other features of blockchain.

Now, continue reading this tutorial further to learn about the role of blockchain smart contract solutions in the development of dApps. We will explain all that you need to know about developing a dApp, which languages are written on dApps, and how to create decentralized apps in this article. Before learning about dApps, you should brush up on blockchain basics, and read up on Ethereums network and how Ethereum is decentralized.

The Ethereum platform is a flexible platform to build new dApps, providing developers with the necessary infrastructure for innovative digital applications. A decentralized application (dapp) is an application built on top of a decentralized network, which combines smart contracts and front-end user interface. Decentralized applications (or DApps) are applications that do not rely on the centralized backend running in AWS or Azure, which powers mainstream web and mobile applications (except for hosting the frontend code itself).

Decentralized applications, also called DApps or just DApps, are digital applications running on either blockchains or P2P networks (such as BitTorrent, in which participants both upload and share content at the same time). By now, you understand that DApps are like traditional apps, with the major differences being decentralization, blockchain, and security. To summarize, DApps are connected to their core technology – blockchain via smart contracts, rather than being connected to centralized data servers as with traditional apps. DApps are not just any ordinary apps; they are built on top of Ethereums blockchain, which makes them superior.


End users might not even be able to tell the difference between DApps and regular apps, as the major differences are found in the core Blockchain protocols. If you are planning on introducing a native cryptocurrency wallet, users will not even have to know what Blockchain your Decentralized DApp runs on. Since smart contracts run on the blockchain, you would have to choose a single blockchain, or multiple blockchains, if you are imagining a multi-chained dApp. As a developer, you probably will not care about the core philosophies behind the various blockchains — you just want to get your dApp in the hands of as many users as possible.

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