Everyone agrees on one thing: a picture is worth a thousand words. A 60-second video would therefore be worth 1.8 million words, according to a study conducted by Forrester. There is no doubt that Traditional Video remains a powerful marketing tool. But then, which type of video –traditional video or animated video – is best for communicating your brand and grabbing the attention of your potential customers? This will essentially depend on the communication objective of your video and how you want to reach your target audience. Here are three reasons to go for animated videos with the help of a video companies near me.

Animated video is fun

Using a combination of moving images, narrated and written text, illustrations, and music, animated video can showcase your company’s products or services in an entertaining way. Moreover, the graphic elements of the animated video help to reinforce the colors and assets of your brand.

If the video is so popular among Internet users of all ages, it is partly because of its entertaining nature. People want to laugh and get away from their daily routine. Thus, it is much easier to adopt a humorous tone with an animated video than with a traditional corporate video. No wonder purely commercial and boring videos are much less popular with consumers.

With such high competition, it is important to take risks and dare. According to HubSpot, businesses need to stop being boring. They must take the risk of being funny in order to attract the attention of their potential customers.

Animated video helps explain complex ideas

Animated video is recommended when a company has a complex service, product, or process to explain. Indeed, the strength of animated Traditional Video is to be the ability to explain complex ideas quickly and effectively. Animated graphic elements then make it possible to reinforce understanding.

Moreover, when it is impossible to film a product because of its format or its accessibility, for example, animated video allows consumers to get a better idea of ​​it. Same thing for products existing only in the form of a prototype.

Finally, what company has never had a hard time explaining how it works, whether we’re talking about its manufacturing, hiring, or selling process? Animated video adapts to any sector of activity, regardless of the objective pursued.

Animated video has a long lifespan

Given the high turnover rate in some companies, it is completely legitimate for managers to hesitate to highlight real employees in their corporate videos. This is one of the reasons why companies increasingly prefer to choose animated characters for their videos.

Animated video is easily editable at a lower cost from the video production company near me. The risk is therefore reduced of having to shelve a video that no longer corresponds to the reality of the company.

Animated video is also very interesting because it can be easily adapted over the years when the company makes changes to its image, such as a change in corporate colors or the adoption of a new logo.

In conclusion

Animated video is fun – but no less relevant – way to market your business. It arouses the commitment of your customers by conveying information and emotion. It is now popular with companies because it leaves room for great creativity, allowing them to stand out from their competitors.

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