Avoid kitchen design disasters

The kitchen is one of the two most useful rooms in the house, the other being the bathroom. This includes useful systems such as plumbing, laundry facilities, kitchens, storage areas, and similar supplies that people need to cook, clean, and live in a home. Therefore, their design should allow easy traffic, utilizing all available space.

An unplanned arrangement

A user-friendly layout is important because accessibility reduces the risk of accidents and increases work efficiency. ThinkIf you can’t get to the stove or the fridge, you’ll meet people who are busy with other things. No messy seats or easy-to-use doors.

The layout of the kitchen should focus on the primary and secondary function. The main features are the laundry room, cutting/kitchen area and food preparation facilities such as refrigerators, dishwashers, blenders, etc. Secondary functions such as waste management and maintenance of grocery counters should be another part. Other important things should also be taken into account, for example, are there chairs, a telephone, a computer, etc. in the kitchen.

Not enough counters

Few kitchens have enough counter space, so users are cramped in their workspaces. You might think that a desk the length of the workstations is a great way to create space. However, if it disrupts traffic, that’s a moot point.

The best way to allocate counter space is to decide how many dishes will be used and how big the preparation, cooking and washing areas are. The centralized location of the devices saves space brilliantly.

Not enough storage space

Lack of storage space is not only frustrating, but also expensive. Keeping food safe means inviting pests to find it and make it unusable. There is also less work space when you have to put food on the counter.

Soft and subtle lighting has no place in the kitchen. You use knives and tools, and if you can’t see well, you expect unnecessary accidents. Ideally, there should be two types of lighting, normal general lighting and workplace lighting. Accent lighting can be installed or not. If it is, it is used to emphasize certain things.

Sufficient natural light is a good way to save electricity, but if there is no direct sunlight in the kitchen, artificial light should be turned on at all times of the day if necessary.

Bad wiring

Modern kitchens use a lot of electrical equipment and it is very important that the wiring is correct. Short circuits and malfunctions caused by faulty wiring should not occur. The kitchen also produces excess heat and humidity, which can damage sensitive equipment. Therefore, it is important to spend more on good wiring to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Poor ventilation

Ventilation not only removes bad smell, but also prevents smoke, heat and moisture. Unlike other rooms, kitchens often require artificial ventilation in addition to natural systems. Hoods keep airborne particles away and facilitate the removal of odors, heat and moisture. They are not expensive despite the many features they offer.

No major setbacks

A backsplash behind sinks and ovens protects walls from cracking, staining, and cracking. Tiles are a great choice. It’s cheap, easy to clean, and fits all interior styles. Metal is another option that is more expensive but perfect for modern accent tile behind stove styles.

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