Types of Applications are There in Salesforce

How Many Types of Applications are There in Salesforce?

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Salesforce has established itself as the world’s most outstanding customer relationship management software in the fields of business and trading. It has become the ideal solution for CRM issues because of the innovative method used in custom salesforce development.

With the increasing popularity of Salesforce, it is now a common question – how many types of applications are there in Salesforce?

Simply put, Salesforce offers two different sorts of applications, depending on the model you are using in your industry. They are Customizable apps and Standard/Default apps. it’s not a surprise that people want to subscribe to providers like Spectrum that offer this channel and the convenience of Spectrum bill pay option.

Nevertheless, there are various programs under categories that you can install on your pc depending on your needs.

But before digging deep into the app’s classification, let’s know what the application refers to in Salesforce software.

What is Salesforce Application?

The applications of Salesforce are programs designed to make your job easy in different sectors. The apps can be a group of tabs or a single application that help you to get the job done.

As mentioned above, salesforce applications can be divided into two main categories. They are:

  • Customizable apps
  • Standard/Default apps.

What are Customizable apps?

Salesforce offers custom apps that you can modify according to your workplace’s demands. You can infuse the standard and custom apps to ensure the proper communication with your customers, sustainability, marketing, and boosting performance.

Also, you can change the details or labels of the logo as you demand in custom apps.

What is a Standard App?

Standard apps are those that Salesforce provides by default. The built-in apps are ready to install in your system as it is and will provide you with the best service.

However, using the app cannot change the logos or descriptions.

Top 5 Types of Salesforce Applications You Can Use

You can use multiple apps to manage your sales and marketing on one platform. Here are some of the commonly used apps of Salesforce, among many others available.

Small Business Solution:

As the name suggests, the small business solution is a Bundle app of Salesforce suite that offers help to small and new business owners. The app includes a package of CRM, Service, and marketing that are the basics to cover small businesses.

Even though it is a combination of valuable platforms, for a beginner in the industry, the bundle app is enough to take the first step strategically.

Sales Cloud:

Among the other app of Salesforce, one of the most used apps by business owners is the Sales cloud app. The app is solely dedicated to performing CRM.

You can use the sales cloud to automate your sales and marketing process. The primary purpose of the Sales Cloud is to gather information about the clients, potential leads, contacts, and deals in a platform.

Using the Sales cloud is convenient as one can customize the app according to their need.

Service Cloud:

To manage your business cases, you can install Service Cloud. This app provides services, for example, managing cases, chatbots, or quick reply options, responding to any queries your customers, and creating a history case database system.

These services are designed to manage smooth communication between the customer and the service providers.

And bundling the two apps mentioned above, you can get the benefits of Sales+Service. Instead of using the apps separately, installing the Sales+Service app will give you the same result at a low cost.

Marketing Cloud:

If you plan on a marketing campaign, Marketing Cloud is a must-have application. After accumulating all the data about your client, the app assists you in analyzing the data and provides you with the audience you should target for marketing.

Loyalty programs, Email, and text message marketing are the main focus of the marketing cloud.

Commerce Cloud:

What is the best way to reach your product to the target customer? The answer is e-commerce. Having a well-organized online e-commerce site with full details of your product list is no less than having a shop at the best shopping center in town.

To have such a site, you should use the commerce cloud app. Up-to-date, well-decorated stylists and eye-sites will successfully attract more customers than any other business marketing policy. Also, you will personalize the catalogs and pricing of your products and services.

Moreover, building a site using the app will let you install the Service and Sales Cloud. Adding the bundle apps will give you the freedom to take an order, check inventory, deliver the purchase or even cancel the order.


Now that you know how many application types are in Salesforce, hopefully, you will find your preferred one that can help you thrive in your business. Other than the applications mentioned in the article, there are more than 10 apps in the product list of Salesforce.

You can install the service by yourself. Or you can seek help from professionals, for example, Inovisolutions. They offer services to customize the Salesforce apps according to your company’s requirements.

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