How to draw a corn dog

How to draw a corn dog

How to draw a corn dog. Learn to draw a large corn dog with cool drawings instructions easily and step by step and with a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful drawing of corn dogs. A corn is a hot dog or sausage immersed in a corn paste and fried seeds. In addition to the cakes and funnels of Dad’s beard, corn dogs are traditional dishes in the county and state fairs. The corn dog also spelled as a corndog or corn-dog, is from the United States. The manufacturers of German sausages, immigrants in Texas, are attributed to the invention, so a patent was awarded in 1929. The legend says that everyone in their new land did not like the sausages they had prepared, so they discovered a new way of marketing it! Corn dog patent read partly:

I discovered that food when spilled on sticks and soaked in mass. Then fries, the food product that results in a stick for a handle is a clean, healthy, tasty soda.” Today, several types of corn dogs are appreciated worldwide. Some are full of cheese, wrapped in fries, or made of breakfast sausages wrapped in mane hotcakes. Would you like to sketch a delicious hotdog? All you need is a pen, pencil or marker and a sheet of paper. Then follow the simple instructions of the step by step of this tutorial on cartoon food drawing.

Drawing a corn dog

Step 1:

Start drawing a long curved line and double it on itself to form an incomplete form of a tear. Keep in mind that you are not at one point. Instead, bring a line as a “u,” setting up the ends of the previous line. It forms the basic form of the corn dog.

Step 2:

Develop a curved line from the bottom of the corn dog and crease it on itself to form the stick. Then begin to draw the seasoning at the top. Start with a spiral line.

Step 3:

Continue drawing your favorite sauce with a long wavy line.

Step 4:

Draw another long wavy line almost parallel to the first.

Step 5:

Complete the sauce by drawing a “u” line to connect the two previous lines. A good corn dog deserves another: start drawing a second corn dog. Use a long and curved line to describe food.

Step 6:

Draw a “u” form that mounts the two ends of the previous line. Then extend a long line and double it on itself to form the stick.

Step 7:

Also, draw sauce at the top of this corn dog. Start with a spiral line, then extend one end with a wave.

Step 8:

Draw another curved line parallel to the previous line. Connect them at the end.

Step 9:

How to draw a corn dog

This corn dog already has a bite! Draw a curved line at the end of the corn dog and a circle underneath, revealing a cross-section of the hot dog inside.

Step 10:

How to draw a corn dog

Color your cartoon dog. What do you like about yours, mustard or ketchup? We use red and yellow to shade one of each in our illustration!

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