B12 Supplement for Dogs

Why Should You Prefer B12 Supplement for Dogs?

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We all know dogs are adorable pets and reciprocate our love and care daily for us. But, as a dog owner, you must understand the importance of a perfect diet for your dogs. A good diet for your dog includes vitamins. These vitamins benefit your dog’s overall health and protect it from diseases and disorders. One of the primary vitamins that demand your attention is vitamin B12. 

To increase your dog’s immune system and improve the working of the nervous system simultaneously, vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin. It not only gives strength to your pet dog but also will upgrade its body strength to combat fatal health concerns that can lead to further complications. 

What Is a Vitamin B12 supplement?

Vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamin. It falls under water-soluble vitamins that regulate the body’s normal functioning. For example, one of the important metabolic processes that take place in the body is called carbon transfer. The role of cobalamin in this procedure is to supply the carbon to each enzyme that executes this metabolic procedure. 

Cobalamin is a special offshoot produced in the gut or digestive tract. The purpose of this derivative is to maintain a healthy balance between the gut’s normal functioning and its impact on the dogs. It is called homocysteine, which helps regulate the dogs’ emotions when they’re sad or distressed. 

Causes And Symptoms of B12 Supplement Deficiency in Dogs

Your pet dog can encounter vitamin B12 deficiency due to many reasons. First, it can be due to a diet that lacks essential vitamins. When dogs do not get adequate amounts of vitamin B12, they become vulnerable and weak. In some cases, other factors can also cause a drastic reduction in the production of this vitamin. These include existing gut issues, sickness, and genetics. 

Some dogs have to face the prevailing digestive tract problems involving inflammation, swelling, and even wounds. Due to a malfunctioning gut, the dogs fail to absorb sufficient vitamin B12. For this reason, it is important to know about the relationship between the gut of a dog and vitamin B12 to tackle the health issues at the right time. 

Below is the list that contains potential symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency in dogs: 

  1. The dog will remain sick for most of the time. 
  2. Damaging of hair is one of the common symptoms. 
  3. Getting tired soon during playtimes
  4. Not eating properly 
  5. Weight loss problems in some dogs. 
  6. Catching infections immediately instead of fighting against them. 
  7. Getting intermittent episodes of seizures can be deadly.
  8. Prone to get blood-relevant health problems such as anemia

Benefits Of B12 Supplement for Dogs

Following are the factors that manifest the importance of this vitamin for your pet dog to keep it robust in the long run: 

●      Stronger immune system

Vitamin B12 enhances the production of necessary white blood cells and immunoglobins that are a crucial part of the immune system. As a result, your dog can feasibly oppose diseases with the help of strong immunity.

●      A cobalamin store

B12 vitamin is a big source of cobalamin that is a complete energy store for your dog. Besides, it can break down the proteins into essential amino acids that are healthier for your pet.

●      Make DNA

Vitamin B12 indirectly boosts the manufacturing of nucleic acids that make up the whole DNA so that it can instruct each cell of the body about its functioning and role in the countless procedures taking place in the body. 

●      Red blood cells

It catalyzes the generation of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. However, the dogs struggle with tiredness and anemia due to the underproduction of red blood cells. 

●      Healthy digestion

The cobalamin derived from vitamin B12 is important to maintain the performance of your dog’s gut so that it will remain secure from other digestive tract fluctuations. 

Are There Any Potential Side Effects of B12 Supplement for dogs?

You must be vigilant when feeding your dog, the required amount of this vitamin. Excessive intake of this vitamin can cause harm and damage instead of any good. For this reason, experts recommend combining the vitamin with regular dog food for better results. 

A dog owner can administer vitaminB12 to their dog by following two approaches. One is by injecting the vitamin, which is a fluid. Secondly, you can mix the vitamin in your dog’s diet if you want to execute this method. 

Final Thoughts

It is favorable to keep an eye on the normal functioning of your dog at different intervals of time. It will make you make the necessary decisions for your pet’s health. A good diet packed with vitamin B12 in adequate amounts can prove to be ideal for your dog. It will provide it the defense to fight against numerous diseases routinely. 

Consider buying the pet vet diet and B12 supplement for dogs from Vet and Tech. Always buy the medications and supplements for your pets after veterinarians’ prescription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of vitamin B12 for dogs?

Pet owners can give vitamin B12 to dogs from the diet. A B12 supplement is present in meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Is the B12 supplement safe for my dog?

Yes, B12 is a safe and non-toxic vitamin. Always give the supplements to your dogs after the recommendation of veterinarians.

How much B12 supplement does my dog need?

The recommended dosage of vitamin B12 is 2.4 mcg per pound as per body weight daily. 

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