What regard to the Harlem gospel concert, what all unmissable spots are you likely to observe? 

Before you plan your visit to explore the aesthetic beauty of the city, you must know some basic facts about Harlem. It is basically a vibrant neighborhood easily known to be stepped in African-American culture and history. In simple words, it is a neighborhood where you can easily observe amazing historic sites, hear gospel and amazing jazz, taste the succulent ‘soul food’ and thereby feel the authentic vibe that Harlem offers. 

Moreover, compared to other parts of New York city, Harlem has always a unique kind of atmosphere that melts the heart of tourists. In some streets, you will observe tree-line brown stone homes and just adjacent to it, you can watch a live concert of an African-style drumming circle. In the midst of Harlem city, you are able to discover ancient African artifacts. Harlem is a magnificent place that stretches from the Hudson river to the East River and offers you an excellent opportunity to recapitulate the basic tenets of a  Renaissance period. 

With reference to the Harlem gospel concert, you can explore different areas in Harlem city which has its own unique vibe. Some streets have been bustling with bars, restaurants and shopping while there are other streets which are entirely residential. A good place where you can easily start your tour journey is Lenox Avenue and 125th street has been considered the main center of Harlem city. 

Below is a list of some unmissable spots that you can do around Central Harlem. With families, friends and relatives you can enjoy and accumulate enormous experiences concerning the Harlem gospel concert

  • Take a Walking Tour:- Before you plan your trip to discover Harlem city, one important point which you must keep in your mind is that go for an evening walking tour. If you give preference to walking tours, then you will come to know about the teachings of Jesus Christ. In case, if you want to explore alone, then you can use the GPS enabled audio of Harlem city anytime anywhere. If you desire to gather immense information about the political, economic and cultural transformations regarding the Harlem gospel concert then, you need to check out Social Justice Tours. 
  • Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture:- This Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture is basically a unique public library which is situated in the heart of Harlem city. With the help of a GPS system, you can easily discover an innovative art of Renaissance culture. This center for research in Black Culture was established in the year 1925 and since that time onwards has become one of the world’s best apex institutions in Harlem.

It is primarily devoted to carry out an in-depth research, preserve the rich cultural heritage of the gospel truths of Christanity and experience the American-African, African Diaspora. On the floor, it has rotating exhibitions that have always been interesting and are free to observe. They have across 10 million objects, documents, artifacts, vivacious artistic cultures and recordings. 

  • Sylvia’s Restaurant:- Are you passionately waiting for the best place to eat in Harlem city? An eminent yet an affordable one that has been rich in history and culture? Then why not move forward to Sylvia’s restaurant?  It is basically situated in the heart of Harlem city where the Harlem Renaissance actually took place. If you want to experience the rich Harlem culture, then you must pay your visit to Sylvia which simply offers services at reasonable prices for the entire family. 
  • Abyssinian Baptist Church:- Abyssinian Baptist Church was founded in the year 1908 and has been regarded as a “mega-church”. One of the eminent leaders was Reverend Adam Clayton Powell, he was one of US first civil rights activists. Especially on Sunday, it is quite crowded so you may observe gospel at different churches. 

Key points to be taken away:-

With regard to the Harlem gospel concert, we have tried our level best to offer you an authentic live gospel concert to celebrate an auspicious season in a true Harlem style. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your family, friends and enjoy Christmas with a festive mood.     

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